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The importance of getting a dental checkup

The importance of getting a dental checkup

BY great smile dentistry

A dental check up is more than a dentist poking around in your mouth and judging your teeth. Dental check ups are very important not just to your overall appearance but having a healthy mouth. If you are a person that regularly gets dental check ups you are not likely to run into serious dental issues. At Great Smile Family Dentistry, we know how important your smile is to you and we give your family a reason to smile.

Preventative Maintenance

Despite how much or how attentive you are to cleaning your teeth, there are some spots you will miss no matter what. The molars alone are very hard to clean because of how far back they are. Preventative maintenance will also help dentists catch any early signs of tooth decay, small cavities, or white spots developing. When your teeth are developing cavities, they do not show any early signs, just an ache in your tooth when the tooth is already decayed. Getting a cleaning will be easier on your wallet than having to get a cavity filled. Dentists also perform a cleaning that removes any tartar or plaque from your teeth and gums.

Catch any Health Issues

Dentists do not just clean your teeth and poke and prod in your mouth. A routine examination consists of checking the lymph nodes, neck and jaws for any signs of illness. So not only are you leaving with a clean mouth, you get to know if you have anything generally wrong in the same area. When you attend your regular checkups, dentists will also take x-rays to look for any issues that may not be visible to the naked eye. There are sometimes problems that are developing under the surface that x-rays can help catch.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a life-threatening disease if it is not caught early on. Dentists check out any signs for oral cancer in their patients mouth in addition to looking over their teeth and gums. While oral abnormalities can not really be seen by the naked eye, your dentist has a special tool to assist in looking.

Warding off Gum Disease

Even though gum disease is usually hard to spot because there are generally no symptoms in the early stages, you can count on your dentist to spot it before it gets serious. A part of this is making sure the gums are firm, if there is any part of the gum that is receding, any gum pockets, or swelling. If these are found, the underlying cause is treated to prevent any further issues. To avoid gum disease and any surgery it may lead you to get, you should attend regular dental checkups and cleaning.

Helping Break Bad Habits

We are all human and tend to pick up things that are not good for us sometimes. Attending regular checkups can help you become aware of any bad habits you may have. There are some habits like chewing ice, smoking, drinking too many coffees or red wines, or even biting your nails that can create damage to your teeth and gums. Knowing the risks you are taking and being aware of the way they are affecting your oral health allows you to take a preventative course of action to ensure the lifespan of your teeth and gums.

Closing Thoughts

If any dental problems are not caught early on, they can progress to painful and expensive problems. With regular checkups and cleanings you can ensure that your gums and teeth will remain strong and healthy. Oral professionals know what to look for and how to prevent any serious oral issues. Your oral health is something that should be taken seriously. It may seem small to skip a cleaning here and there but oral issues can develop fast. At Great Smile Family Dentistry you can count on us to give your family a reason to smile.

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