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4 Tooth Replacement Options to Consider

4 Tooth Replacement Options to Consider

BY great smile dentistry

Uh-oh. You just broke a tooth. Or maybe your tooth is infected and needs to be pulled to prevent further oral damage. Either way now is the time to head to your dentist and see what tooth replacement options are best for you.

There are at least four main ways to replace a tooth. Let’s walk you through each one, so you know what to expect before your dental visit.

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Fixed Bonded Bridges

One type of tooth replacement option is a fixed bonded bridge. Now, this method can only be utilized when you have a natural tooth on both sides of your broken tooth. Unlike a traditional bridge that uses crowns on abutment teeth (the two adjacent natural teeth to support the bridge), a fixed bonded bridge uses metal or porcelain to bond the bridge.

If this is your first broken tooth, you might prefer this option as it is a very natural-looking option. A fixed bonded bridge is also less expensive than other replacement methods, and you don’t have to undergo any unusual maintenance or dental care.

Partial Dentures

One of the most affordable tooth replacement options is removable partial dentures. However, this is a less than desirable option for most people. Dentures can feel a bit bulky at first, and you might need to change your dentures over time as they become looser.

Using dentures is non-invasive. You’ll be fitted for your removable teeth, and then all you have to do is secure them over your gums. Oral hygiene is also easy to maintain.


Dental implants are what you hear about most often when someone says they are getting a tooth replaced. Over 2 million implant crowns are produced each year.

An implant can replace a single tooth or even a full set of teeth. The reason why this option is the most popular way to replace a tooth is that it feels like a regular tooth. It also helps preserve your mouth’s bone structure and can last a lifetime.

You will have to undergo oral surgery to fit the post and replacement tooth in your gums. The implant looks and feels like one of your regular teeth, and it’s rooted in your gums with a strong titanium post. There is a healing process post-procedure. But any oral hygiene, maintenance, and care are treated just like a normal tooth.  

Implant Bridge

An implant bridge is sometimes called a full-arch dental implant. If you have a series of 4-6 missing or broken teeth (aka an arch), then this might be the best tooth-replacement option for you. With this procedure, your mouth’s bone structure will be preserved similar to a traditional implant.

They look and feel natural, and you take care of the full-arch implant just like you would your regular teeth.

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