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4 Reasons Mouthwash is Critical to Dental Health

4 Reasons Mouthwash is Critical to Dental Health

BY great smile dentistry

OK. You believe your dentist. You know that brushing is important, and that you should brush for two minutes twice a day. And you get how important it is to floss once a day — floss gets in between crevices of the teeth that your toothbrush can’t reach.

But is it important to rinse with mouthwash too?

Absolutely! Mouthwash is a critical component of dental care. As a liquid, mouthwash reaches areas that brushing and flossing cannot. Here are 4 reasons mouthwash should be a daily part of your dental care routine.

Mouthwash Prevents Gum Disease

Mouthwash kills the bacteria that causes gum disease. It protects your gums and keeps them free from disease.

Mouthwash Kills Bad Breath

The ads don’t lie — mouthwash will kill your bad breath. It kills odor causing bacteria that can linger in your mouth even after you brush and floss.

Mouthwash Protects Against Tooth Decay

The very bacteria that causes tooth decay are killed off by mouthwash. If you use a mouthwash fortified with fluoride, you strengthen your enamel which further protects your teeth. This will minimize your risk for cavities.

Mouthwash is Good for Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, mouthwash can be especially beneficial. It provides an extra protection against “pregnancy gingivitis” — an oral health issue that can increase the likelihood of pregnancy complications and premature labor. Your dentist may even be able to prescribe you an extra strength mouthwash to further protect your gums.

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